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Pilar Díaz Rocks the Plaza Tres Agaves, SF!
Pilar Díaz Rocks the Plaza Tres Agaves, SF!

REVIEW: Pilar Díaz, Le Butcherettes, Los Murderachis (2010)

Pilar Díaz Rocks the Plaza Tres Agaves, SF!
Pilar Díaz (2010)

by David Leikam, Published: 2010.08.09

On Saturday, July 17, 2010 in San Francisco, CA as part of the 14 Annual Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival – Convergence MMX, Pilar Díaz lay siege with a rocking live trio music set at the Plaza Tres Agaves at 130 Townsend Street. Featured on the bill, in order of performance was Gema de los Deseos, Los Murderachis, Pilar Díaz, and Le Butcherettes.

All groups performed well though the latter three music sets made quite an impression on me! San Francisco’s own Los Murderachis took the stage and started in on a few Mariachi tunes that were good, then they revved it up with an added heavy punk rock element that made a fine balance for the rest of their set that was more engaging with the audience though both performed well and interesting.

Next up was Pilar Díaz (former singer for Los Abandoned) with her trio making a rare San Francisco appearance featuring Fernanda Ulibarri on guitar/keyboard and Anthony Reyes on drums. Their set began with Pilar’s Friday The 13th/Trece that sparked the audience with pledges of their love and marriage to her. She definitely has a core fan base even outside of her current native Los Angeles, CA residence. The second song up was entitled Piñata where Pilar invited the audience to come closer to the stage and the audience crowded around the trio in eager anticipation! Once the first beat hit from Anthony and Pilar started singing, the crowd was dancing steadily throughout the rest of their set*. At the end of their set, the crowd demanded an encore and Pilar wasn’t sure if she should but with the roar of the crowd, she laid it down with Perdido. Pilar is one of the great singers alive today and a commanding frontwoman redefining music in the Spanish language Rock/Pop genre while Anthony establishes a sold and interesting rhythmic foundation for Fernanda and Pilar’s melodic resonance to dance upon with a fire unique in the present music scene complete with amplified ukulele from Pilar Díaz!

Le Butcherettes finished off the concert evening beginning with frontwoman Teri Gender Bender in a hooked nose masquerade mask, bloodied 1950’s nuclear family styled dress, and hand duster sweeping the stage/audience areas politely in silent. The band took the stage theatrically and from the first Teri expressed and very unique stage presence reminiscent of Diamanda Galás with the stamina of the best hardcore punk musician/singer where I was thinking, “She is still going full steam on that electric guitar (with heavy power riffs) three fourths of the way into their set and singing beautifully macabre lyrics to boot!” Quite an electrifying concert, transfixing the audience thoroughly and one of the best music concerts that I’ve been to in years.

Pilar Díaz’s Pilar Díaz (2008 debut album)

*Pilar Díaz’s 2010-07-17 SF Set

  • Friday The 13th/Trece
  • Piñata
  • Tu y Yo
  • Quien Eres
  • El Otro Yo
  • I’m Not Awake
  • Novia De Soldado
  • Ilegal En Estyle
  • Te Amo Te Amo (cover)
  • Encore: Perdido

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