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REVIEW: Le Butcherettes Live!

[Originally published in the May 4, 2011; the Arts Noticed Magazine, Edition 1]

Re/Interview and Photographs by Scott Cronan for the Arts Noticed 2011-03-01 / 2010-09-13

Rarely does a band come around that truly incites the people’s passion for music. Most bands nowadays are just ironic remakes of one another or fained attempts at some sort of emotional expunging. Whatever happened to bands like Violent Femmes, Sex Pistols or The Mars Volta? Well, actually, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, the guitarist from The Mars Volta, has a solo project called Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez) as well as producing the debut album of the Mexican garage tapatio punk band, Le Butcherettes. They are a band that takes raw emotion, talent, fear, and desire smashing it all together raging it back out in the form of leader, Teri Gender Bender’s haunting and mesmerizing irreverent stage performance.

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