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REVIEW: Rebelution – Count Me In

Artist: Rebelution

Album: Count Me In

Genre: Reggae

Review by Richard Dickow, Jr.

3 out of 5 stars

Do you like short walks on the beach on your way to the waves? Here’s a new set of jams for trips down the coast in your surf-mobile from the ultra-catchy Santa Barbara band, Rebelution. Count Me In breaks out with gently delivered lyrics by lead singer Eric Rachmany, who has some nice solo acoustic performances online. Check out “Roots Reggae Music” for a good example of the catchy, conscious, hip, radio friendly vibe you’ll find throughout the album. Unfortunately, gone is the separate CD of acoustic versions found in their previous deluxe album release. Although the last track, Invasion, is certainly a blemish, Count Me In provides a perfectly timed solid summertime album for reggae fans.


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