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REVIEW: The 1975 (Self-Titled, Deluxe Edition)

Artist: The 1975

Album: The 1975

Genre: Pop/Indie Rock

Review by Richard Dickow, Jr.

4 out of 5 Stars

Remember the scene in Star Trek when the bad guys dropped the insect into the guy’s ear and it did something to his brain?  Well, this CD is the musical equivalent to that.  Once you hear this music, you may never forget.

Let’s say you discover this CD the same day you hear another huge pop artist’s album.  Let’s say that other pop artist is Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and their new album, Hypnotic Eye.  Chances are you’ll stick with The 1975 when it’s time to turn up the music.

The 1975 have been making music for more than 10 years, and until recently could barely sell out a show at a bar back home in England.  Two years later, they’re touring all of the music festivals and playing big venues like Royal Albert Hall in London where some of the greatest musicians have performed for thousands of fans.

The new wave, progressive rock sound these four guys deliver certainly has the ability to move you.  Mathew Healy’s voice is reminiscent of Patrick Stump from Fallout Boy and Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind.   Some of the music is a catchy blend of rock and power pop, with some etheric electronic elements for richness.

The 39 track deluxe edition includes the material from their previous EP’s, and was released by iTunes in April.  The deluxe edition includes a few Garage remixes that fail to offer the same quality as the band produces on their own.  Big singles are “Chocolate,” “Robbers,” and “Girls.”  “Haunt” on the deluxe edition and “Menswear,” might have you comparing The 1975 to U2 or the Junior Boys.  The only question is, when will the next album come out?

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