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RELEASE: Gnome & Spybey – Reflective

Gnome & Spybey return with their third release on Crime League entitled ‘Reflective’.

Mark Spybey is no stranger to the annals of experimental ambient music, having been involved in a diverse range of projects such as Download, Zoviet France, Beehatch, and most famously Dead Voices on Air. Tony D’Oporto is another musical veteran with his own project Gnomes of Kush, though his talents have been more in the beat-driven genres of trance, synthpop, house and Down Tempo music. Together, these two masters of atmospheric craft form Gnome & Spybey.

Featuring 10 new songs, including collaborations with Robert Rich, Tom Shear, Simon Polinski, Dominic Smelt and Crime League’s own Displacer.

Available in Limited Edition CD with Poster and digital format November 15, 2014.

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  • 01. There are Gnomes
  • 02. Achim
  • 03. Through My Childs Eyes
  • 04. The Ballad of Bernadine Dohrn
  • 05. To See With the Eyes of an Angel
  • 06. Trois Gnomnes
  • 07. Atomes
  • 08. Gigantic
  • 09. Nine
  • 10. A Way to Begin

Written and produced by Tony D’Oporto, Mark Spybey and (2) Tom Shear (3) Michael Morton (5) Dominic Smelt (6 & 7) Robert Rich (10) Simon Polinski

Mastering by Steven Seibold at Uniform Media

Cover art by Christopher Buening Layout

Design by Marco Roberti

Copyright © Gnome & Spybey and Crime League 2014, All rights reserved.

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