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RELEASE: Matt Davignon – Is Sticks and Rocks (Remixes)

12 different artists were invited to use the sounds from Matt’s 4 drum machine albums as building blocks for new songs.

  1. Sirens 01:05
  2. The Fnord AM Music (by Toaster) 05:30
  3. Reliving Things (by Tim Walters) 02:56
  4. Snake Eater (by Jonathan Segel) 04:14
  5. The Freshwater Firefly’s Soft Polyps (by Myles Boisen) 03:20
  6. Melodica (by Matt Davignon) 03:16
  7. Bwack and Bwoo (by Rick Walker) 02:27
  8. AM the Music 3 (by subnaught) 05:46
  9. Stitches & Mends (by Andrew Weathers) 04:41
  10. Selarodavignon (by Selaroda) 05:12
  11. …blind; gazing… (by Nat Grant) 05:46
  12. Sculpture of a Snowshoe Hare Lying in the Grass (by John Connell) 02:49
  13. Ruined Gong (by Sylvain Poitras) 02:31
  14. Metamorphosis Behaviour Of Megalopae (by Nux Vomica) 08:07
  15. Shivering Tarmac (by Matt Davignon) 05:15

Proceeds for the digital album will support the Outsound New Music series at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco, namely, supplies and perhaps a new mixing board.

Artwork & Design by Jason Hoopes
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha

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