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RELEASE: Tim Patterson – Like Style, Dig?: The Music of John Bergamo | Innova Recordings

A Tribute to a Percussion Luminary Innova Recordings | Buy Music John Bergamo (1940–2013) was a composer and performer at the forefront of the exploration of the timbral possibilities of percussion music. Forging the vocabulary of bowing, harmonics, and unconventional mallets into a body of solo and chamber works, Bergamo significantly expanded the percussion repertoire while …

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ARTICLE: Constant Companion: Michelina Tyrie Counts more than Five Decades with Her Steinway Piano

A household with seven children is going to be a household filled with love, laughter, and—well—ear-splitting noise. Just ask Michelina Tyrie. When the Spokane, Washington resident was raising her brood of six daughters and one son, she learned to accept and even appreciate the noise level, especially as her children grew and joined their mother—an …

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