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REVIEW: Robert Rich – Filaments

Artist: Robert Rich

Album: Filaments

Genre: Ambient/Electronica

Review by Richard Dickow, Jr. for ArtsEarth

There’s a spaceship that can take you to outer space. It can even take you to inner space. It’s uses ambient electronic music to unleash the power of your mind and it’s piloted by Robert Rich.

Filaments is the latest installment in his 30 year long process of composing which includes the stuff dreams are made of. Literally. Rich has performed overnight while the audience dreamt in sleeping bags they brought to the show. He built synthesizers and other musical instruments like a steel guitar to produce sounds that are more than worthy of our ears. Now he’s still crafting music you can use to transcend this Earthly plane.

You can hear the inspiration of space and physics in the new album, which contains etheric drones and well articulated harmonic synths. Beautiful layers combine to give a peaceful sound that is gentle on the ears and invites the imagination. Since Rich is known for making his own libraries of sounds, don’t be surprised that he found a way to capture the sound of the great beyond. He boldly goes where no one has gone before and is generous enough to share it’s treasures with us.

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