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REVIEW: San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival – June 6, 2015

All of the dancers in the Ethnic Dance Festival were superb. These dancers know what they are doing. They are all professionals. I tried to pick out one dancer in each group who was messing up in some way, but never saw one. For credits on each performance, go to www.worldartswest.org Hiyas Philipine Folk Dance Company …

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RELEASE: Robert Rich – Hiding In Daylight | Moog Music

Moog Releases Robert Rich EP to Commemorate Discontinuation of Iconic Synth Today, Moog Music announced the official discontinuation of the Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (Voyager RME) analog synthesizer – a tabletop, rack-mountable version of Moog’s flagship analog mono synth, the Minimoog Voyager. The Minimoog Voyager was Bob Moog’s modern day re-imagining of the Minimoog …

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ARTICLE: David Leikam / zBug – Splitting Glass / Twilight Sunrise

Artist: David Leikam/zBug Album: Splitting Glass / Twilight Sunrise Genre: Industrial Jazz / Electronic / Avant-Garde Review by Tyran Grillo for AllAboutJazz The sacred geometry of zBug is no small thing. So enormous, in fact, that it’s invisible. It’s in service of just such a contradiction—which really isn’t one—that the band pushes sound-walls to the very edges of the third …

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ARTICLE: Watch/Read/Travel: Robert Rich

Sounds Of A Tired City | Exper:Mental Exh:B:Ton Watch/Read/Travel: Robert Rich June 4, 2015 Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979). I tend to follow certain rare directors whom I trust, because I have trouble with the loudness and violence of most Hollywood movies. I rarely watch new films, although I love great filmmaking. My favorites include Ingmar …

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