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REVIEW: Resolution: An Artspan Exhibit

The Arc Gallery & Studios held many artists that were all uniquely different from one another. As I stepped into the gallery I was greeted by two friendly ladies who told me about other exhibits that were going to go on in the future. There were many large oil and acrylic paintings, photography, a couple sculptures, and an installation that you first notice when you walk through the door. There are two rooms, yet the first room you walk into is larger than the other.

This gallery is great to visit if you want to meet your local artists of San Francisco. The gallery sometimes holds open studio events that allow visitors to see the artists’ studios. You can check out their work space and even talk to the artist in person about their pieces. For this Artspan Exhibit the studios were not open, but an artist named Nina Fabunmi had her pieces at this event. One piece called “To fit in is to Stand Out” (oil on canvas) was the one that stood out to me the most. Her painting depicted a figure standing on top of a table in a room full of people. I love pieces that show unique brush strokes, because it shows how every artist has their own style of pushing paint around the canvas. Her use of color also made the painting stand out, by using hues of blue and orange.

I personally suggest visiting this gallery if you are an artist in San Francisco. Since the gallery space is small, it is easier to converse and network with people. You can also find out about your local artists and meet them.

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