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Michael Mazochi – The Cold War

Review by Greg Cutler for ArtsEarth Buy Album: Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes It’s been quite a while since I sat down and listened to an entire album in its entirety. Usually, I get distracted or I get bored and distract myself with something else. Michael Mazochi’s new album, The Cold War was not like that. When I …

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New Sun – Transitory | Blue Seven Music

Buy Now: CDBaby, iTunes The San Francisco Bay Area Progressive rockers New Sun have released their 5th album, Transitory. A diverse album of prog, heavy rock, folk, electronic rock and ambient. Modern progressive rock! New Sun has produced odd metered progressive rock for over two decades, getting more inventive and creative with each album (5 total). Transitory is …

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SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams by Andrea Williams

Hi Dreamers, We sleep one-third of our lives. We all sleep, we all dream, yet scientists still don’t know why exactly. There are several interesting theories on why we dream. My collaborator, Lee Pembleton, and I have been researching the affects of sound on dreams since 2009 on a project called SleepWalks that began at …

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