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SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams by Andrea Williams

Hi Dreamers,

We sleep one-third of our lives. We all sleep, we all dream, yet scientists still don’t know why exactly.

There are several interesting theories on why we dream.

My collaborator, Lee Pembleton, and I have been researching the affects of sound on dreams since 2009 on a project called SleepWalks that began at Mills College in Oakland, CA, and it has continued at various galleries and festivals in San Francisco, New York City, and beyond. SleepWalks is an overnight improvised soundscape performance for sleeping dreamers, and often the participants have collaborative dreams––they see each other in the dreams. We started working with scientist Todd Anderson in 2012 who provides EEG wireless headbands for willing participants so we know if they are in R.E.M. in real-time. Breakfast is served in the morning, and participants share their dreams together. From these discussions, their dream journals, the timestamp of our sound samples, and the EEG readers, we can make correlations to find out if our sounds are shaping the participants’ dreamworld. Our long-term goal is to create soundwalks for sleeping dreamers.

We are taking SleepWalks a step further by working with Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company and the collaborative dreams from participants from two SleepWalks on September 2nd and September 9th (dancers will participate as well!) to create a multi-media dance performance of the dream bodies and environments for the public at the Chapel + Cultural Center in Troy, NY on October 21 and 22nd, 2016.

We could use your support to help pay our collaborators and for art materials and food for the events. Please check out our Kickstarter gifts including audio CDs and DVDs of the final performance, and please donate what you can. Thanks!

Kickstarter: SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams by Andrea Williams

Wishing you pleasant dreams,

Andrea Williams

Director of SleepWalks: The Body of Dreams

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