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The San Francisco Bay Area Progressive rockers New Sun have released their 5th album, Transitory.

A diverse album of prog, heavy rock, folk, electronic rock and ambient. Modern progressive rock!

New Sun has produced odd metered progressive rock for over two decades, getting more inventive and creative with each album (5 total). Transitory is their best album to date with fine song craft and story telling, all wrapped in harmonic colors to stimulate the mind. Cinema for the ears …

New Sun – Transitory

  1. Gravity Well 2:40
  2. Vigilance 4:47
  3. The Beguiler 5:06
  4. Espiritu 6:53
  5. Transitory 8:54
  6. Slipstream Day 6:13
  7. Down by Sea 4:58
  8. Eddies in the Stream 6:31

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