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Power Rangers – Is A Fine Reboot

article by Connor Behrens for ArtsEarth Director Dean Israelite’s latest film, “Power Rangers,” is a 2017 American superhero film based on the television series that started in 1993. “Power Rangers” tells the story of a group of teenage outsiders who find an ancient alien vessel, where the team obtain superhuman abilities and are labeled the Power …

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GLAS Animation Festival 2017 – Mathieu Labaye Retrospective & Brad Bird Reception

article by Meaghan Alfonso for ArtsEarth “GLAS Animation (GLobal Animation Syndicate) is a non-profit organization run by animators for animators.” The festival takes place every year in Berkeley, California and unites the animation community around the Bay Area. At this weekend long festival, there are many showings and events you can attend. They have animated shorts …

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Iron Fist – Packs No Punches

article by Connor Behrens for ArtsEarth Marvel’s latest Netflix show, “Iron Fist,” is a supernatural martial arts series that features Finn Jones as a man with superhuman abilities. “Iron Fist” tells the story of Danny Rand as he resurfaces to New York City after being absent from society and the spotlight for 15 years, aiming to …

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Kong: Skull Island – Is Outrageous Creature Feature

article by Connor Behrens for ArtsEarth Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ latest film, “Kong: Skull Island,” is an American monster thriller film that features Tom Hiddleston and Samuel Jackson. “Kong: Skull Island” tells the story of a varied group of experts, fighters and explorers who unite together to discover and investigate a legendary, unexplored island in the Pacific, …

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Beauty & the Beast – Mostly Captures Awe of Animated Classic

article by Connor Behrens for ArtsEarth Release Date: March 17, 2017 (USA) Director Bill Condon’s latest film is a romantic fantasy musical film based on the 1991 animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast.” “Beauty and the Beast” retells the classic story of Belle, an insightful, intelligent and strong young woman who is captured by the monstrous …

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