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Billy the Artist

Billy the Artist in Review by Lydia Bell and Talia Colarusso

Photography by Lydia Bell | Article by Talia Colarusso

Nestled between Tommy Bahama flip flops and soft rolling sand dunes appears a bright and vibrant artist who is more versed in events such as Art Basil Miami, and Fashion Week Athens and Madrid. How exactly did Billy the Artist find himself preforming a live mural exhibition in the quaint town of Destin tucked away in Florida’s Panhandle?

Well apparently, the art scene in Destin is anything but quiet, the town is home to the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, CAA’s mission is to bring Walton County into the spotlight as a thriving community for the arts and cultural excellence.

We arrived at the beginning of Art Week for the kickoff event featuring Billy the Artist. The event felt like it was straight out of a New York art exhibition, only the venue and patrons all beamed with that wonderful mix of southern comfort and tropical vibes one can only find in the Florida Panhandle. The event was held at the Foster Gallery and featured Billy the Artist holding a live mural performance in which he danced to the beat of the DJ while he created a large canvas mural right before the guest’s eyes. Not only did the event feature the live muralist but the gallery also hosted the work of 22 local and regional artists, many of which attended the event.

Between the music, the food, and the live art this was a night to be remembered.

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