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Rise Up! Social Justice in Art from the Collection of J. Michael Bewley in Review by Miranda Caravalho

Five Times for Harvey

Article Review by Miranda Caravalho Here’s the thing: I came out at a pretty young age. It wasn’t the grand and dramatic story people hear about in movies and the like. My immediate family was supportive, and my more distant relatives responded with a murmur and an empty stare that was neither with me nor …

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Music to the Eye: Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix in Review by Lydia Bell and Jordan Miller

Nirvana Taking Punk Masses

Article Review by Lydia Bell (photographs) and Jordan Miller (writing) Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art. – Kurt Cobain Inside every creator, every artist, there is a purpose. A mindful thought or reason for what they’re birthing to the world. Some artists know this precisely, while others find inspiration in …

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Soft Power: Musical in Review by Natalie Wiser

Soft Power: Musical

Article Review by Natalie Wiser Live at the historic Curran Theatre: don’t miss Soft Power, a “play with a musical” now showing until July 8. Written by David Henry Huang, who worked on famous plays and musicals such as M. Butterfly, Aida, Tarzan, and Yellow Face, enter what feels like a very Inception-like play about …

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