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Carlos Rólon’s Classic Tracks: Migrating Rhythms in Review by Miranda Caravalho

Carlos Rolón

Article by Miranda Caravalho Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – MACLA is a squat building on the tail end of the SOFA District in San Jose that’s painted in shades of steel grey and fluorescent pink. In the first half of the building you’d find the headquarters for MACLA’s programs, from which over 30,000 children, families …

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After the Storm in Review by Khatija Hussain

After the Storm Banner

Article by Khatija Hussain | Photos by Jessie Hammans After the Storm is written by Ademola Adeniji and directed by Sally Barnard, the show was held at Willesden Green Library Performance Space from Friday-Sunday, 5-7 October. After the war, the hardworking men and women in England return to work and try to live normally but with the aftermath …

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Gary Numan and Nightmare Air Live in Review by Jon Bauer

Gary Numan

Article by Jon Bauer In a castle in the San Fernando Valley lies the lair of music icon Gary Numan. Outside is an enormous statue of a dragon, inside a St. Bernard (almost as large) greets you on arrival. He’s a new addition to the family – a rescue pup, and huge. The lord of this …

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Live On The Green in Review by Jordan Miller

The Wild Feathers

Article by Jordan Miller Every year, beginning in the month of August, Nashville’s very own independent radio station, Lightning 100 (100.1 FM), pulls together local vendors and musical acts of all sorts to put on one of the best shows you can experience in the area for free. The festival is called, Live On The Green (LOTG) rightfully …

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Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin, Poland – A Meeting with Tradition in Review by Małgorzata Stanek

Jagiellonian Fair

Article by Małgorzata Stanek Imagine spending a sunny August afternoon in the streets of a charming Old Town filled with colourful stalls, the hustle of bustle of various languages (Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Slovak) and traditional music. This is what happens in mid-August in Lublin, Poland. Lublin is a charming city in eastern Poland that …

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True Journey is Return in Review by Miranda Caravalho

Dinh Q. Lê

Article by Miranda Caravalho Imagine this: you and your friends are walking through the farmland of North Vietnam. It’s a warm Summer day, the type that makes that air hot and thick. Then you hear it – the familiar guttural stutter of blades cutting against air, and the new and angry wind that has cut …

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Counting Words: Open Mic Spoken Word Night in Review by Khatija Hussain

Counting Words

Article by Khatija Hussain Counting Words hosted its first official open mic night event for spoken word on the 13 September at Black Sheep Coffee, a small chain coffee shop in Euston, London. The crisp summer evening was perfect for this spoken word night. I found it hard to find at first as the coffee shop …

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