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GLAS Animation Festival 2019
FILM | GLAS Animation Festival takes place March 21-24, 2019 in the historic city of Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco.

GLAS Animation Festival 2019 – Competition 3 in Review by Meaghan Alfonso

Article by Meaghan Alfonso | Competition 3 – SUN, MAR 24 2019, 1PM

As always, the GLAS Animation Festival brings in the most creative and experimental animated shorts to its competitions. The weekend long festival lineup consists of so many artists of different ‘languages’ of animation and personalities that you are always inspired. Aside from the Shorts Competitions, the festival also holds workshops, guest speakers, and even Nickelodeon Meet-and-Greets! To give you a taste of what the showings are all about, I’ve listed and described a few of my favorites from the Sunday showing (Competition 3):

CHIMERA by Caleb Wood

After this two minute short, I’ve decided that Caleb Wood is probably one of my new favorite animators. His weaving loops are amazingly well done, and you get engulfed by this slimy totem pole of flesh. A slow camera pan up this living gruesome, breathing thing makes you appreciate what Caleb has created here. He starts out with an unknown creature’s fetus still in its’ womb, and then we follow up this fragile creature’s umbilical cord. The scene turns from something familiar into a hybrid of multiple living beasts all feeling like they share the same heart. We also can’t forget about the sound design, by David Kamp, which ties this whole animation together. I know that most of us don’t remember the sounds of being inside a live being, though we all can recognize it. The sound starts with a heartbeat, and it’s quiet, and you feel alone in this huge space. You can hear the stretching and squishing of something, then you hear multiple creatures and lungs all trying to breathe and survive together as one being.

AGOURO by David Doutel and Vasco Sa

It is easy to appreciate all of the techniques that was used to create Agouro. The layers of oil paint creates these textures in the background and sets a specific mood for the story. It is set somewhere in the mountains during a cold, harsh winter so the neutral colors are a perfect resemblance of being in such a high altitude. Each frame of animation is colored and outlined in a messy way that makes you feel uncomfortable and aggravated, but not in a negative way. It will leave you feeling as though you need to cherish the life you have.

SOLAR WALK by Réka Bucsi (Director, Writer, and Editor)

Reka Busci’s work is so unexplainably remarkable, I don’t think explaining it will even make sense. It is bizarre, yet somewhat real. Her work is such a great blend of alien and human. She starts with these 3D shapes and then it is animated in a way that it ties into introducing the ‘main’ characters and sets the story. I love how she plays with time and space, and sometimes nothing is as what it seems. It is quite meditative and relaxing as well to watch, while the sounds and colors dance in front of you. You are following along with her into this journey of the known and unknown and it is tremendously hypnotizing.

There always seems to be an ocean of aspiration in the audience at the end, while everyone claps and stares at the big screen. These short films are a must-watch if you are at all interested in animation.

If you are unable to attend the whole weekend, the GLAS Animation Festival sells day passes and tickets for individual showings. This is my second time attending the festival and each one was such a treat. To get the full experience I suggest becoming a Pass-Holder because you get to attend some events that Non-Pass-Holder’s can’t, like the Opening Night Party and Nickelodeon’s Networking Mixer! To see what artists from around the globe have created, as well as networking with people in the industry should already be enough for you to attend every year.

2019 GLAS Animation Festival 2019
FILM | GLAS Animation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2014. Our core mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science of animation.

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