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All Event Submissions are Free

We always appreciate financial donations to help keep the lights on in the office and local arts communities.

How to Post Your Events on ArtsEarth


  • Add New Event
  • Upload an Image for Your Event (960 x 356 pixels or 13” x 5” minimum)
  • Title
  • Event Description
  • Category


  • Date — From/To


  • Time (HH:MM or All day)


It can be a virtual event with no physical location.

  • Location Name or URL
  • Address/City/State, Province, Region/Zip — Postal Code/Country


  • Your Email (artist, organizer, promoter, venue)
  • We will not publish your email address


Note: If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Press Image Details

Upload an Image for Your Event (960 x 356 pixels or 13” x 5” minimum)

Note: ArtsEarth will crop and edit larger submitted images, when needed and you need a high quality event image for all event submissions.

On the Horizon

  • Making it easier for you to navigate to your favourite arts events and submitting more arts events worldwide as we move to a more user friendly platform.
  • A more artist centric platform featuring those in your local community.
  • A more geocentric platform representing where you are on earth and the arts/artists/venues near you online.

ArtsEarth is an equal opportunity arts nonprofit venture that encourages the best person for the position available and are equally compensated when our budget allows for it. The level of position or potential pay is based solely on work ability and not gender or race.

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