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Meaghan Alfonso

San Francisco, California

Meaghan is a painter and animator from San Francisco. Art has been important to her all her life, but didn’t decide to make that her career until after two years of community college. She achieved a BS in Media Arts & Animation at the Art Institute of California in 2015. As an animator, life is not taken too seriously–yet it is enjoyed! Even though life brings in hardships, she bounces back and puts its on a canvas. She has shown her own art in a few galleries around San Francisco and has also curated a couple shows. Making artwork and collaborating with creative people is her highest passion. But promoting and supporting artists worldwide is most important!

Tabbitha Elizabeth

Vallejo, California

Born and raised in Oakland California. Arts and culture is an everyday existence, in her bones primarily a writer, actor, dancer, YouTuber, and yogi student. Tabbitha studied theater and entertainment design in college. She has worked on stages internationally as talent and a designer. She delves in music, and the art of The Sideshow. For two years she traveled the US and Canada performing burlesque, sideshow, and slam poetry. For a time she worked as the makeup and wig mistress for San Francisco Playhouse, working on such shows as ‘Into The Woods’ and ‘Red Velvet’. Now she writes, directs, and edits a few successful YouTube channel shows as well as continuing a lively stage career. Determined to stay open and learning, when she is not working she is found reading, writing, or meditating. Admittedly addicted to non-fiction in her text she seeks escape and fantasy in arts and experiences.

Blanton Ross

Joshua Tree, California

Blanton is a composer, sound designer, musician and mixed media artist, best known as the frontman for the Avant-Americana ensemble “Tears of the Moosechaser” and the following solitary expression “Mesquite Treason”.  Blanton’s recent work explores the spiritual intersection of digital and natural creation. Earth centered content and site specific performances in remote locations have conjured the Neo-Pagan label Techno-Shamanism.  Multimedia elements (Film, video, dance or interactivity) often accompany his electro-acoustic work, as does the “digital concréte” manipulation of common sound.  Blanton has a BFA in Multi-Focus Music Technologies from California Institute Of The Arts.

Gallery Photographers

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Jon Bauer

San Francisco, California

Jon Bauer has devoted the last few years to combining his passion for music, travel and photography. He regularly shoots the Treasure Island Music Festival, Outside Lands, and Noise Pop as a house photographer. Jon also shoots for The Denver Post and several prominent Bay Area music blogs.

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