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MUSIC: Eddie Gale, San Jose’s Ambassador of Jazz and Noted Jazz Educator, Succumbs to Cancer at Age 78

Eddie Gale flag

MUSIC | Eddie Gale, San Jose’s Ambassador of Jazz & Noted Jazz Educator, Succumbs to Cancer at 78. Eddie Gale, the pioneering Brooklyn-born jazz trumpeter.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Joe Pera and Radical Niceness in Review by Miranda Seaver

Joe Pera

ARTICLE | Let’s face it: we could all use something nice. Quarantine’s been extended, people are continuing to lose their livelihoods, and it really does seem as if some otherworldly force has grabbed the planet and forced it into a sudden and ugly halt.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Alan Resnick and Immersive Surrealism in Review by Miranda Seaver

Alan Resnick

ARTICLE | Alan Resnick is an American comedian, visual artist, and filmmaker based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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ARTICLE: David Leikam / zBug – Splitting Glass / Twilight Sunrise

Artist: David Leikam/zBug Album: Splitting Glass / Twilight Sunrise Genre: Industrial Jazz / Electronic / Avant-Garde Review by Tyran Grillo for AllAboutJazz The sacred geometry of zBug is no small thing. So enormous, in fact, that it’s invisible. It’s in service of just such a contradiction—which really isn’t one—that the band pushes sound-walls to the very edges of the third …

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ARTICLE: Watch/Read/Travel: Robert Rich

Sounds Of A Tired City | Exper:Mental Exh:B:Ton Watch/Read/Travel: Robert Rich June 4, 2015 Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979). I tend to follow certain rare directors whom I trust, because I have trouble with the loudness and violence of most Hollywood movies. I rarely watch new films, although I love great filmmaking. My favorites include Ingmar …

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ARTICLE: Constant Companion: Michelina Tyrie Counts more than Five Decades with Her Steinway Piano

A household with seven children is going to be a household filled with love, laughter, and—well—ear-splitting noise. Just ask Michelina Tyrie. When the Spokane, Washington resident was raising her brood of six daughters and one son, she learned to accept and even appreciate the noise level, especially as her children grew and joined their mother—an …

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