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MUSIC: Western, Creed, Spybey – W ands (CSR285CD) – Album Release

Western, Creed, Spybey

MUSIC | Western, Creed, Spybey - 'W Ands' (CD Album Release) - An album of expansive drones and analogue electronics, created using vintage analogue synthesizers.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Salad Fingers and the Evolution of Fear by Miranda Seaver

Salad Fingers

ARTICLE | I’ll warn you in advance, this one’s a doozy. Seriously, if you’re sensitive to graphic content, as abstract as it may be, I’d suggest skipping this week’s subject and sticking to something more pleasant.

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An Evening with EVAN + ZANE in Review by Natalie Wiser

EVAN + ZANE (featuring Evan Rachel Wood and Zane Carney)

Article by Natalie Wiser If you’re looking to be amazed by raw talent, real music, and lots of witty banter, be sure not to miss the musical duo of EVAN + ZANE! featuring Evan Rachel Wood, actress in the HBO series Westworld and movie musical Across the Universe, and Zane Carney, guitarist for John Mayer, …

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Live On The Green in Review by Jordan Miller

The Wild Feathers

Article by Jordan Miller Every year, beginning in the month of August, Nashville’s very own independent radio station, Lightning 100 (100.1 FM), pulls together local vendors and musical acts of all sorts to put on one of the best shows you can experience in the area for free. The festival is called, Live On The Green (LOTG) rightfully …

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Counting Words: Open Mic Spoken Word Night in Review by Khatija Hussain

Counting Words

Article by Khatija Hussain Counting Words hosted its first official open mic night event for spoken word on the 13 September at Black Sheep Coffee, a small chain coffee shop in Euston, London. The crisp summer evening was perfect for this spoken word night. I found it hard to find at first as the coffee shop …

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Dusk of Warped Brings Dawn for Mayday in Review by Lydia Bell

Mayday Parade

Photos by Lydia Bell | Written by Jordan Miller “The face of a South Florida sun slowly creeps into sight, waking the lower half of the Sunshine State. It’s a typical August Sunday for most. Some are scurrying out to church. Others packing up beach chairs and a cooler. However, ten miles from the Atlantic beach …

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Band of Lovers – American Tour

article by Greg Cutler for ArtsEarth The photo of the band in their van with the mountains in the distance says it all. Band of Lovers’ newest album speaks to the folk heroes of the sixties. Youth and vigor, loss and longing, adventure – these are all themes explored in this courageous album. The beautiful vintage album art …

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REVIEW: The 1975 (Self-Titled, Deluxe Edition)

Artist: The 1975 Album: The 1975 Genre: Pop/Indie Rock Review by Richard Dickow, Jr. 4 out of 5 Stars Remember the scene in Star Trek when the bad guys dropped the insect into the guy’s ear and it did something to his brain?  Well, this CD is the musical equivalent to that.  Once you hear this music, you may never …

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REVIEW: Le Butcherettes Live!

[Originally published in the May 4, 2011; the Arts Noticed Magazine, Edition 1] Re/Interview and Photographs by Scott Cronan for the Arts Noticed 2011-03-01 / 2010-09-13 Rarely does a band come around that truly incites the people’s passion for music. Most bands nowadays are just ironic remakes of one another or fained attempts at some sort of emotional …

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