17th Annual Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco, California

Every year the Outsound New Music Summit showcases some of the most innovative and pioneering new music that is happening in California and beyond.

Previewing the New Music Summit in, jounalist Alex Fong of the S. F. Bay Guardian said, “a number of Bay Area groups are breaking the rules of contemporary soundtracks by making music that’s as evocative as the visuals.“

Our Goal: To bring highly innovative music and art to the increasing number of people seeking a real “alternative” to the status quo of music being presented in the Bay Area.

The Summit performance schedule includes music and sound ranging from free improvisation, to electronic manipulation, to noise, to sonic sculptural art reflecting genre busting exploration and creativity. In addition, the festival seeks to promote intermedia arts, fostering cross-pollination through film, dance, and writing. The Summit has supported more than 350 performing groups and artists since 2002.