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APR 4-OCT 12 | Thollem’s Hot Pursuit of Happiness – U.S. Tour

Thollem’s Hot Pursuit of Happiness: “Life at the center of a world on the edge”

Hot Pursuit Of Happiness is Thollem’s spanking new solo show forging a friendly onslaught of Punk-World, Noise-Blues, Avant-Americana through an unruly electronic beast of vintage keyboards and stomp boxes. About the insane absurdity of 21st century America, always somewhere between being pursued and pursuing, healthy rage against it all, love and death, the time of our lives. New songs about now and from recent albums Machine In The Ghost, Conformity Contortion, Tsigoti, and Who Are U.S. When possible the show will be backdropped by ACVilla’s hyper-speed video of Silver Ochre’s trip around the U.S. last year. Thollem’s planning to bring HPOH stateside statewide from April 6th – Nov. 19th.