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South West Synth Meet with live sets from Chris Carter, John Healy, Finlay Shakespeare

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Date(s) - 06/17/2018
1:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Rough Trade Bristol


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SW Synth Meet was founded in 2016 as a meetup for Synth enthusiasts and gear heads in the South West of England.

Attendees bring their favourite synths and gear, so there are plenty of toys to try out, and people with similar interests to meet and chat with.

The event is open to anyone who’s interested in hardware based electronic music, newbies very welcome, come and play!

  • The synth meet takes place during the day from 1:30pm onwards.
  • From 7:30pm in the evening their will be live electronic music performances featuring…

Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey)

Chris Carter has played a significant but often under-appreciated role in the development of electronic music – a journey that for Carter started ahead of his work with Throbbing Gristle (alongside Cosey, Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge), and continued through Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti, Carter Tutti Void as well as his own solo and collaborative releases under his own name.

John Healy (Somatic Responses)

Veterans of the Breakcore scene, brothers Paul and John Healy have been creating complex, distorted techno since the mid 90s. Unlike the break-heavy, jungle sounds of their contemporaries, Somatic Responses have remained more experimental, sounding closer to the acid-laced Braindance outcrop of artists such as Autechre and Aphex Twin.

Finlay Shakespeare (Future Sound Systems)

Finlay Shakespeare is an electronic musician, artist, composer, producer and engineer. Based in Bristol, UK.

In his continuing Housediet series, he creates rhythmically-driven improvised music using modular synthesis, battery powered drum machines and digitally processed vocals. His musical systems are altered from show to show, creating a unique experience every time. Expect noises, basslines and beats.

Along with a host of other local talent.

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