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Two Rivers Cider Company

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4311 Attawa Avenue, #300
United States

Back when founder Vince Sterne started Two Rivers Cider Company there weren’t any micro ciders on the market. Cider not only seemed like a fun way to get into the fermentation industry but because it doesn’t require a brew house, it was a much easier set-up. The learning curve was steep because making cider is more like making wine than brewing beer. It took a fair amount of cider tasting as well as traveling to Europe where cider had more of a following before Sterne got the science of it down. One of the things that make Two Rivers unique is that they didn’t merely find a cider that people liked and then stop there; the cider makers at Two Rivers are constantly trying to make better cider and experiment with new flavors so that long-time customers have new things to try and new tasters have many exciting options.

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