Alan Resnick

Down the Rabbit Hole: Alan Resnick and Immersive Surrealism in Review by Miranda Seaver

ARTICLE | Alan Resnick is an American comedian, visual artist, and filmmaker based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Thollem Electric Confluence

Coronavirus and How it is Affecting Artists by Thollem

ARTICLE | Greetings from Miami! A lot of my friends and colleagues have been hit hard by cancellations of concerts, festivals, tours all over the world because of the Coronavirus, myself included.

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Chicken or Fish? by Derek Osinski – Fundraiser

FUNDRAISER | Chicken or Fish?, in short, is about reflection and redemption. It was built to inspire our intimate nature and encourage the idea of selflessness.

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Yasushi Matsui

SKRAPS in Review by Miranda Seaver

ARTICLE | Memory is fleeting. Some things fade into obscurity, and what remains shifts slightly over time, becoming colored and warped as if left in the sun.

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Revellers at Edwardian World's Faire

The Edwardian World’s Faire in Review by Miranda Seaver

Article by Miranda Seaver Venue: The Regency Ballroom Featuring: The Edwardian World’s Faire 2020 I was a weird kid. If you know me, even tangentially, this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I spent a majority of my formative years dressed in ill-fitting thrift store suits, making campfires at the park and carving …

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Almost Human

Almost Human: Digital Art from the Permanent Collection in Review by Miranda Seaver

ARTICLE | I love my robots. There’s an Amazon Echo in my bedroom who fills my room with lo-fi hip-hop beats on nights when insomnia has the best of me.

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Sense of Self

Sense of Self in Review by Miranda Seaver

ARTICLE | We’re all just trying to understand things. To know ourselves, each other, and the ways the past and future play in all our hands.

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Beta Space: Pae White - Third Thursday - Opening

Beta Space: Pae White in Review by Miranda Seaver

ARTICLE | I am a child. I must be six, maybe seven, and my parents have dragged me along with them to the hardware store.

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Gray Area Fest - Pierce Warnecke

2019 Gray Area Festival – Pierce Warnecke Live – ISM Hexadome in Review by Jon Bauer

ARTICLE | Endless Growth (Data Decay v3) is an audiovisual performance by Pierce Warnecke using data to illustrate dynamic ecosystems.

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2019 Gray Area Festival - ISM Hexadome

2019 Gray Area Festival – ISM Hexadome in Review by Jon Bauer

ARTICLE | From July 25 through August 3, the ISM Hexadome will be presented at Pier 70 in San Francisco in two parts.

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