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Neurogenesis by Robert Rich – New Album Release

Neurogenesis by Robert Rich

RELEASE: Neurogenesis by Robert Rich - New Album Release - Neurogenesis expands the sound of modular analog and digital synthesizers into a bright and dynamic landscape, layered with shimmering kaleidoscopic microtonal patterns, pulsating, vibrating and evolving.

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New Sun – Transitory | Blue Seven Music

Buy Now: CDBaby, iTunes The San Francisco Bay Area Progressive rockers New Sun have released their 5th album, Transitory. A diverse album of prog, heavy rock, folk, electronic rock and ambient. Modern progressive rock! New Sun has produced odd metered progressive rock for over two decades, getting more inventive and creative with each album (5 total). Transitory is …

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RELEASE: Robert Rich – Hiding In Daylight | Moog Music

Moog Releases Robert Rich EP to Commemorate Discontinuation of Iconic Synth Today, Moog Music announced the official discontinuation of the Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (Voyager RME) analog synthesizer – a tabletop, rack-mountable version of Moog’s flagship analog mono synth, the Minimoog Voyager. The Minimoog Voyager was Bob Moog’s modern day re-imagining of the Minimoog …

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REVIEW: Robert Rich – Filaments

Artist: Robert Rich Album: Filaments Genre: Ambient/Electronica Review by Morpheus Music Reviews STYLE Robert Rich explores a fascination with the beguiling nature of existence and our unique place in the universe through a series of luminescent, rhythmic ambient compositions. Heaving up out of darkness, Filaments early on establishes a great shadowy expanse through which twinkling threads, welling waves …

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RELEASE: Robert Rich – Filaments | Soundscape Productions SP026

Robert Rich – Filaments Soundscape Productions SP026, CD/Download – BUY MUSIC ©℗ 2015 by Robert Rich, BMI. Shimmering, pulsating, woven patterns of electrical filagree echo hidden structures that permeate space and time, inspired by our latest forays in cosmology and the constant search to understand our place in the vastness. Recorded 2012-2014 by Robert Rich …

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RELEASE: Matt Davignon – Is Sticks and Rocks (Remixes)

12 different artists were invited to use the sounds from Matt’s 4 drum machine albums as building blocks for new songs. Sirens 01:05 The Fnord AM Music (by Toaster) 05:30 Reliving Things (by Tim Walters) 02:56 Snake Eater (by Jonathan Segel) 04:14 The Freshwater Firefly’s Soft Polyps (by Myles Boisen) 03:20 Melodica (by Matt Davignon) …

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INTERVIEW: Robert Rich – RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture

This San Francisco Bay Area ambient pioneer [Robert Rich] began building his own synthesizer at the age of 13 – around the same time he became interested in avant-garde and minimal composition. By the time he got to college at Stanford (around 1981), he began organizing “sleep concerts,” playing abstract drones and soundscapes to influence …

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