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The Musee de Caravalho in Review by Miranda Seaver Caravalho

The Musee de Caravalho In Review

VISUAL: These days, it’s vital to think about perspective. It’s been about a year since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown and - if I’m being completely honest - I’m sick of talking about it.

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Gary Numan and Nightmare Air Live in Review by Jon Bauer

Gary Numan

Article by Jon Bauer In a castle in the San Fernando Valley lies the lair of music icon Gary Numan. Outside is an enormous statue of a dragon, inside a St. Bernard (almost as large) greets you on arrival. He’s a new addition to the family – a rescue pup, and huge. The lord of this …

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Band of Lovers – American Tour

article by Greg Cutler for ArtsEarth The photo of the band in their van with the mountains in the distance says it all. Band of Lovers’ newest album speaks to the folk heroes of the sixties. Youth and vigor, loss and longing, adventure – these are all themes explored in this courageous album. The beautiful vintage album art …

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