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Bandcamp Friday: Jon Raskin – Synergy Signals, Songs From The Urban Forest, Hotel Noctambulo, Book ‘W’ of “Practitioners”

Jon Raskin Apple Earbuds

MUSIC: It’s Bandcamp Friday on March 5 and there are 4 new releases for you to check out from Jon Raskin.

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RELEASE: Matt Davignon – Is Sticks and Rocks (Remixes)

12 different artists were invited to use the sounds from Matt’s 4 drum machine albums as building blocks for new songs. Sirens 01:05 The Fnord AM Music (by Toaster) 05:30 Reliving Things (by Tim Walters) 02:56 Snake Eater (by Jonathan Segel) 04:14 The Freshwater Firefly’s Soft Polyps (by Myles Boisen) 03:20 Melodica (by Matt Davignon) …

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