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Karl Montevirgen: Broken Machines – Album Release – Online

Karl Montevirgen: Broken Machines

MUSIC: Broken Machines is a mini-album by experimental composer and guitarist Karl Montevirgen.

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MUSIC: Continental Drift by Larry Ochs / Aram Shelton Quartet – Album Release (2020)

Continental Drift Album

MUSIC: Continental Drift by Larry Ochs / Aram Shelton Quartet - Album Release (2020) - Can musicians of different generations be like-minded companions? Yes they can, at least when their names are Larry Ochs and Aram Shelton, the two composers and bandleaders of this quartet.

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MUSIC: Western, Creed, Spybey – W ands (CSR285CD) – Album Release

Western, Creed, Spybey

MUSIC | Western, Creed, Spybey - 'W Ands' (CD Album Release) - An album of expansive drones and analogue electronics, created using vintage analogue synthesizers.

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Thollem McDonas – Meeting At The Parting Place | Odradek Records

Buy Now Thollem McDonas is a pianist, keyboardist, organist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, activist, author and teacher. “Listening to Thollem McDonas play the piano is an astonishing experience. He has an innate ability to compose transcendent music using the piano as his expressive voice and to explore the depth and range of the instrument like no one …

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RELEASE: Daniel Rosenboom | Book of Omens

Friday, July 12: Daniel Rosenboom | Book of Omens | CD Release Party Art Share L.A., 801 E 4th Place, Los Angeles, California Featuring Daniel Rosenboom – trumpet and flugelhorn Vinny Golia – tenor saxophone, alto flute, contralto clarinet Jacob Vossler – electric guitar Tim Lefebvre – electric bass and FX Matt Mayhall – drums ABOUT …

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