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NorCal NoiseFest 2016 – NFXX | Night 1 – Luna’s Cafe

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Date(s) - 09/30/2016 - 10/01/2016
7:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Luna's Cafe


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NorCal NoiseFest is the longest running experimental, noise, outsider sound art festival in the country, founded in 1995 in Sacramento, California.

  • BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (san francisco, california)
  • UBERKUNST (sacramento, california)
  • INSTAGON (sacramento, california)
  • XOME (sacramento, california)
  • AUME [Scot Jenerik & Aleph Omega frm F-Space/Chrome]
    – (portland, oregon/san francisco, california)
  • LIVER CANCER (placer county, california)
  • OVERDOSE THE KATATONIC (seattle, washington)
  • HUMANFLUIDROT (pompano beach, florida)
  • DENTAL WORK (detroit, michigan)
  • VANKMEN (oakland, california)
  • THIRTEEN HURTS (florence, oregon)
  • ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW (northridge, california)
  • PULSATING CYST (los angeles, california)
  • CHOPSTICK (sacramento, california)
  • MOE! STAIANO (oakland, california)
  • CHER VON (baxter, kentucky)
  • LORDS OF OUTLAND (san francisco, california)
  • MEDICINE CABINET (tracy, california)
  • MICROWAVE WINDOWS (sacramento, california)
  • BRAN(…)POS (san francisco, california)
  • MULVA MYASIS (portland, oregon)
  • MIA ZABEKLA (vienna, austria)
  • HANS VON BARTLES (santa rosa, california)
  • PAROUSIA (south sacramento, california)
  • GUSSETTE (martinez, california)
  • BAGHEAD (ashland, oregon)
  • AMY REED (sacramento, california)
  • BURNT DOT (los angeles, california)
  • SKRUNT SKRUNT (edmonton, canada)
  • MYSTERIOUS MUTILATIONS (sacramento, california)
  • FAILURE COCK (san francisco, california)
  • NOISEPSALM (camino, california)
  • EDDIE HONEYEATER (sacramento, california)
  • AMBERSMOKE (anza, california)
  • ALPHASTARE (san francisco, california)
  • SHARKIFACE (oakland, california)
  • MASTER MORYA (sacramento, california)
  • LELAND VANDERMULEN (sacramento, california)
  • SRC (sacramento, california)
  • PHOG MASHEEEN (costa mesa, california)
  • SKUNK PUPPET (long beach, california)
  • J3M5 (calabasas, california)
  • FLESH VOMIT (imperial, california)
  • FILTHMILK (san francisco, california/atlanta, georgia)
  • MIND ARBOR (eugene, oregon)
  • EUROSTASHE (san francisco, california)
  • DEPRESSIVE (phoenix, arizona)
  • BRIAN D’VIL (tempe, arizona)
  • HAY-LIEBIG DUO (los angeles, california)
  • THE STOLEN ELK (sacramento, california)
  • COLLISION STORIES (san francisco, california)
  • FLETCHER PRATT (oakland, california)
  • BOTCHED FACELIFT (morgan hill, california)
  • BLISTER BRATS (sacramento, california)

… just added!!

  • ART LESSING (sacramento, california)
  • KEVIN CORCORAN/JEN BOYD DUO (san francisco bay area)
  • MATT SWALCUP (davis, california)

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