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Piper Lvova Closing Reception
VISUAL | Join us for a duo Closing Reception for The Tracy Piper's "All I Need" and Natalia Lvova's "Confections" solo exhibitions at Voss Gallery.

The Tracy Piper: All I Need and Natalia Lvova: Confections – Closing Reception

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Date(s) - 02/29/2020
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Voss Gallery


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Join us for a duo Closing Reception for The Tracy Piper’s “All I Need” and Natalia Lvova’s “Confections” solo exhibitions at Voss Gallery. Both artists will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about their work. This event is free and open to the public.

The Tracy Piper: All I Need

A timely tribute to the ‘rest as resistance’ movement, “All I Need” reaffirms society’s right to reflection and self-care. In A Little Space, an androgynous woman proudly embraces herself, emphasizing the necessity of self-trust. Rendered in repose, the figure resists the societal pressures of womanhood and capitalism’s normalization of insecurity.

Throughout the works, washes of rainbow hues fluidly fade from the foreground to suspend figures in abstraction. Tranquility is found in the immaterial. Utilizing the technique of transparency, Piper’s polychromatic brushstrokes are a testament to sensuality and inclusivity.

Universal imagery is employed to underscore the exhibition’s collective call to action. A pair of hands yearn to connect. A solitary eye envisions a brighter future. These pictorial tropes prompt viewers to challenge established paradigms in search for an authentic and individualized truth.

All I Need” is a deeply personal journey to discover what it is we all hope for. It’s radical to take the time for ourselves and our community. This series is a chance to see what happens when we take our collective foot off the gas pedal. It’s okay to take care of yourself. Whenever you find yourself rushing through life, I want to remind you to take a step back and ask: “What do I need?
– The Tracy Piper

Natalia Lvova: Confections (Viewer discretion is advised!)

Employing the tenderness of her signature spiral mark-making technique to depict the transcendent mosaic of human intimacy, Lvova reclaims ownership of sexual imagery from the predominantly male gaze. Cropped compositions of sensual scenes, derived from pornographic sources, are subverted, amplified, and transformed into vibrant, iridescent works. Figures are distilled to their elemental forms, becoming textured, luscious fragments of an immersive kaleidoscope.

Lvova’s blunt representation of desire from the female viewpoint considers the curiosity of sexual impulse and intrigue. Passion and play spin free from boundaries as identifying features approach a mesmeric universal. Within these couplings and collisions of color swirls a hopeful, hidden question: who gets to define ecstasy?

I choose the courage to be myself–with my past, my pain, and my love. I choose to expose the innermost. Everything that comes from me–my instincts, needs, desires, and dreams. This is me in the present.
– Natalia Lvova

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